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Cardholders can easily open an account, access credit, and meet their daily needs with the official Indigo Card. Take pride in your credit improvement and allow Indigo Platinum to lead the way. Celtic Bank issues the IndigoCard Platinum in collaboration with Genesis FS Card Services, Inc. Furthermore, the IndigoCard and its management are backed by Celtic Bank, a well-established and FDIC-insured Utah bank. Our IndigoCard Login online account service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no extra charge to cardholders.

While there is no additional annual fee for one version of the card on the IndigoCard platform, the relevant cost $ 59 and $ 99, as well as $ 75 the first year. The cardholder’s credit limit is $ 300, and it’s unclear whether that amount will boost your credit rating in the future if you use the card responsibly at the official login portal IndigoCard Login at