Indigo Cardholders

Celtic Bank, a Utah-based private bank, is the official issuer of the Indigo card. Celtic Bank, as a small card issuer, provides legitimate offers to relevant cardholders; however, it is not one of the issuers whose name appears in the J.D. Power rankings. Indigo cardholders has a low, fixed credit limit of $ 300 in comparison to several competing cardholders, with no known method of increasing the credit limit. Because of the lower limit, the IndigoCard Platinum Mastercard is better suited to cardholders who want to improve their credit scores rather than those who intend to use it for online and offline transactions.

During business hours, all indigo cardholders can reach out to the official customer service representatives via secure messages or by dialling 1-866-946-9545. However, because most indigo cardholders do not have problems, customer service is only available on certain days and not 24 hours a day. The Indigo Platinum Mastercard has a higher annual percentage rate than many of these cards for cardholders with credit problems.