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IndigoCard Platinum Mastercard holders who do not actively conduct online transactions do not receive a bonus. Actively secure cardholders earn 2% cash back on up to $1,000 in restaurant and gas station purchases. Customers receive an unlimited 1% refund on all other purchases. It also has a low interest rate of 1% for foreign transactions by the brand in order to target the most customers. The IndigoCard Login for Platinum Mastercard provides and benefits, such as an extended warranty and several travel services. It is also compatible with a Mastercard and is suitable for international travel. The annual fee will be charged to the IndigoCard for the first year, which will reduce the available balance by $ 59 or $ 75, depending on the fee charged in the first year only at the official portal IndigoCard.com. If you have a credit limit of $ 300.00 and an annual fee of $75.00, your current balance will be $ 225.00 as of the date. Furthermore, current Indigo Platinum Mastercard holders are not required to make a deposit at the portal.